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Rental Terms and Conditions


  • To confirm the reservation, it is required to pay 50% of the rental amount at the time of receiving the request and the rest in cash upon delivery of the keys, or by bank transfer one week before arrival.
  • Checks are not accepted.
  • The deposit must be made within 10 days after receipt of the request. If during this period the deposit is not received, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
  • Water, electricity and gas are included in the rental price. In case the house with private garden and pool, the rental price also includes maintenance of the garden and the pool. Sheets and towels are excluded from the rental price. It is possible to rent the complete equipment on arrival, at the price of € 20 per person.


  • The cancellation will be sent in writing to “Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris” by email to
  • If cancellation is received 60 days before arrival, 95% of the deposit will be returned to the tenant.
  • If the cancellation is 30 to 60 days before arrival, 80% of the deposit date will be returned to the tenant
  • If the cancellation is 15 to 30 days before arrival, 50% of the deposit date will be returned to the tenant.
  • If the cancellation is received 15 days before the date of arrival, the tenant will lose the deposit.

* There is no cancellation policy related to Covid-19 since all the information changes from day to day. We recommend that our clients have a Travel Cancellation insurance that covers the unforeseen events described or wait to make the reservation on dates closer to their arrival and request if the accommodation is still available.


Upon handing over the keys, the tenant will pay the sum of 300 euros, in the case of the apartments, or 500 euros if it is a house, either in cash or with a photocopy of the credit card. This amount will be paid as a deposit to cover any damage that may be caused to objects, furniture, etc. This amount will be refunded upon the tenant’s departure once the inspection and inventory has been completed.


Business hours are from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and guests can stay after 4:00 p.m. If the tenant has a problem arriving before 7:00 p.m., he must call “Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris” (+34 626651511), otherwise he will not have access to the house.

Our office is located in Begur (17255) C/ Dalmai Bernat, 2 (41.95448,3.20188)


Accommodation must be available no later than 10:00 a.m.


The houses built under this contract may in no case be occupied by a number greater than that indicated in the tenants, unless they consult “Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris” and agree. If necessary, “Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris” may deny access to the facilities. On the day of your arrival, you will be asked for your last name, first name, identification number or passport, as well as the date of birth of a person occupying the accommodation in accordance with order IRP / 418/2010, related to the registration obligation and communication to the General Directorate. of police officers staying in a house in Catalonia.

The tenant is required to insure against the risks inherent in the occupation of a house, that is, theft, loss or damage of personal belongings, as well as the damages that can be caused to the furniture and can be caused At home due to: negligence “Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris” assumes no responsibility for accidents that the tenant may suffer on the property during their stay.


They must be exposed to “Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris” within a maximum of 48 hours after their arrival and “Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris” will do everything possible to solve the problem as soon as possible.


In the case of traveling with pets, they must inform Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris for approval. Additional charges may apply.


  • Do not make any changes or changes in the furniture.
  • Keep the house in good condition.
  • Inform the agency immediately of any loss or damage that occurs in the rented accommodation, even if there is no visible damage.
  • Remember that on the day of departure you must deposit the garbage in the containers in the different recycling areas. In case of default, you will be charged a fee of € 100 to your credit card.
  • In the vicinity of rented house, there may be street maintenance, noise, etc. Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris is not responsible for this inconvenience, since we do not have the power to end the annoying activities resulting from this work.


Law 5/2017, of March 28, on fiscal, financial and administrative measures has created a new tax on stays in tourist establishments of the Parliament of Catalonia. The amount of Cales Begur Serveis Immobiliaris is € 1 per night, maximum 7 days and for people over 16 years. The arrival day will be paid in cash.

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